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Our brand

A Dream Fueled by Love.

LimonRose is more than just a brand—it's a heartfelt dream shared between a mother and daughter. Founded on pure love, our clothes defy the mass manufacturing trends of today. We offer authentic, genuine, and honest products that speak to the individuality of each person.

Designed and crafted in Portugal, we believe in our responsibility to create a better future, both socially and environmentally. With every stitch, we work towards a brighter tomorrow.

Just like LimonRose, everyone is unique. Embrace the spirit of individuality and discover the charm or our brand. Join us in celebrating the beauty of being one-of-a-kind.

Our values

Ethical Sourcing

Limonrose team is always searching for ethical materials, such as, organic cotton, recycled fabrics, or other alternatives.

Local production and transperent supply chain

Every garment is produced in Portugal, since its designed until the packaging. LimonRose operates with fair working conditions and supporting the local economy. This way we can reduce the carbon footprint minimizing the transportation emissions.

Unique Designs

We work with innovative and fashion-foward designs that challenge the notion of that sustainable fashion compromises styles.

Circular Economy Iniciative

With our line LimonRose Essentials we promote the used of 100% reused fabrics, that otherwise will end up on a landfill. With this we aim to reduce the textile industry waste.

Social impact

The most important goal of LimonRose is to create a positive impact for the society around us. With the promotion of fair work pratices, empower women and supporting the local comunity.

Portuguese Brand
Own design and manufacturing
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"Quality work, good taste and Portuguese ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

"Brand with unique pieces that make you feel more special! The quality is very good, I highly recommend it!"

"Portuguese brand with lots of quality!"

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